How to Effectively Use an Interim Home Health Care Manager

Whether planned or suddenly happening, losing a leader in your home health care agency can interrupt business and make you feel helm. With the industry more competitive than ever, the lack of leadership even for a short period of time has a huge impact. The temporary management of home health care prevents these interruptions from damaging your business and brings you back on the road to growth.

Working with temporary managers allows you to take advantage of the skills of an experienced home care professional and helps you better meet the needs of your customers. They can act as CEO, CFO, COO or hold any other managerial position to refocus their agency and implement the change. In order for a temporary home healthcare manager to succeed, you and your employees must take some steps to make the most of the experience.

Why hire an interim manager?
In addition to the obvious advantages of involving managers with the right experience, you also know that you can trust their motivations. After all, they have no history with your agency and no ax to grind. All the politics aside, I’m just there to put their talents to work and get your agency back on track. They help you develop short and long term goals and suggest convenient solutions to make your agency competitive. A temporary home health care provider can also be flexible to circumvent the program and take on multiple roles.

Use an organizational assessment
We advise you to work with an interim manager who starts performing a thorough organizational assessment. This audit closely examines all your systems, people and processes to discover problem areas and understand your operations. It also ensures that temporary management services are aligned with the needs and objectives of your agency. After getting a clear picture of your agency’s strengths and weaknesses, a temporary home health care manager can then develop a plan to achieve your specific goals. Please note that this may also require organizational restructuring.

Be open and ready to change
You call on intermediate health managers for a reason. Although it may be difficult to listen to some of the things that need to change in your agency, remember that they have no personal interests or attachments with your agency. The growth and development of your agency is at the heart of every decision, so the advice they provide is for the greater good of the company. All you have to do is be ready to change and follow their example.

What is your opportunity?
If your agency is in transition or has an immediate need, consider this time as an opportunity to develop your agency into a leader in your market. Put a temporary home health care manager to work for your company to solve your short-term challenges and achieve long-term goals. By providing valuable information about your business that a traditional manager may not be able to offer, an interim manager can help you drive your growth and sustain your success in the future.

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Ginny Kenyon is founder and CEO of Kenyon HomeCare Consulting. Ginny’s knowledge and passion to help customers achieve success defines the mission of his company. He has worked as an administrator in public health, home care, hospice and home care for the past 27 years. He has a solid experience in operations and program development thanks to his experience with visiting nurse services, national health companies at home and collaboration with investors in startup companies.

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